Technical Formulas


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Author: Mäkelä; Soininen; Tuomola; Öistämö
Publisher: AMK-Kustannus oy
Language: Englanti
Pages: 203
Format: Soft covers
Edition: 4. p.
Year: 2002

Technical Formulas includes formulas of mathematics, physics, chemistry, strength of materials and SI system of units.

Technical Formulas is based on the original book, Tekniikan kaavasto (published in Finnish) which has been in use since 1970's. The purpose of this book is to provide the user with all the basic formulas in one reference book.

Technical Formulas is suited to degree programs of Engineering in Universities of Applied Sciences. However this book also enables the more advanced students to recall important items dealt with during the former courses. For professionals already in working life Technical
Formulas servers as a useful reference book.