Flow Technology - Modern Functional Design of Water Transmission Systems


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Author: Martti Pulli

Publisher: Tammertekniikka

Language: English

Pages: 346

Appearance: Soft covers

Edition: 1. edition

Year: 2021


Flow Technology - Modern Functional Design of Water Transmission Systems, a book that gives guidelines for future
challenges, has been be published in February 2021.

Author, Mr Martti Pulli has during his work at Finnish consulting firms (Vesi Hydro Oy, Soil and Water Ltd. and Pöyry Environment Oy), specialized in hydraulics and machinery design, which are central to managing water transmission systems and flow rates. He has extensive experience in areas such as the functional review, design and failure analysis of long pipelines and their connected pumping and control stations.

Pulli has provided special reviews and designs for several notable municipal and industrial projects both in Finland and abroad as well as published numerous articles on flow technology in professional journals.

Flow Technology - Modern Functional Design of Water Transmission Systems, a book that gives guidelines for future challenges, that we all facing in future. Population growth and increasing population density as well as industrialisation and
industrial development produce ever larger quantities of potable water and wastewater, resulting in centralised water treatment systems and distribution areas. These sites are often located far from raw water sources, and wastewater is often treated at large, centralised facilities. These factors combined with the depletion of high-quality raw water sources or the increasing water shortage due to environmental issues lead to the growing global demand for long-distance water transmission of both potable water and wastewater.

Long-distance water transmission involves many technically challenging functional and energy-economic aspects, the latter also
being closely linked to the issues related to climate change.

The functional design of water transmission, distribution and control systems is a growing and developing area of engineering. This textbook aims to describe problems and provide solutions to them as well as highlight aspects that must be taken into consideration when building water transmission systems.


ISBN: 978-952-7394-05-2


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